File a Better Patent Without all the Confusion and Headache

Prepare a business focussed IP strategy BEFORE working with a lawyer and learn how to make the right patent filing decisions for your business. Completing this preparation first is the most effective way to reduce your risk of rejection and file a strategic patent application.

Prepare and Strategize BEFORE Working With a Lawyer


Gain confidence on which aspects of your product are most likely to be patentable so that you don’t end up spending $50,000 - $100,000 over the next 3-4 years only to find out that your patent application has been rejected.


Weigh the benefits and value that a patent application might bring to your business against the risks and costs to help you decide on a clear, step by step strategy for protecting your product that makes sense for your business.


Prepare and engage with a patent lawyer on your terms so that you are in control of the budget, timeline, and quality of your patent application.


Gain patent pending status with a far better patent while spending $2,000 - $4,000 less than the national average on your legal fees.

What’s included?

The Product Protection Playbook™ is a step by step (literally, we tell you every single thing you need to do to get an amazing patent) 9-module training course complete with training videos, checklists, templates, and worksheets throughout every module. The worksheets in particular are really powerful, because combined, they represent your IP audit, assessment, and strategy documentation.

6 Module Course

In the course, you definitively determine whether or not your business needs a patent by working through the first 6 modules, gain confidence on whether or not you have something patentable, and understand whether the benefits and value outweigh the risks and costs of getting a patent.

12 Week Program

In our 12 week program, in addition to the course results, we work very closely with you through the worksheets and the full program to review and improve your assessment and strategy, answer all your questions, and directly help you make the right patent filing decisions. We also complete a full patent search for you AND edit, improve, and expand your detailed invention description, saving you a crazy amount of time and effort!



Articulate Product

Learn how to complete an “IP Audit” and discover potentially patentable elements of your products you might not have been aware of.

Many of our clients and students take certain elements of their products for granted, not realizing how innovative or unique they are in their industry. In this module we ensure you have everything written down in using our unique approach so that you are well positioned for success in the rest of the program.

Additionally, based on four important criteria, we will focus and prioritize these elements for the patent search in Module 2, Discover Patents.


Discover Patents

Become the expert of your technical and competitive landscape.

I’ve had entrepreneurs come to me 4-5 years into their patent journey with damning rejection notices from the patent office claiming that their application was denied! These rejections are very common and are almost always due to a lack of research into previously published patents or a poor technique in doing this research.

If you aren’t doing this step properly, you may end up spending $50,000 to $150,000 to get your patent to the point where it is reviewed by each of the patent offices, only for it to get rejected! Read More... That is a very expensive way to learn this lesson. So let’s avoid it upfront by doing a thorough search the right way, which we will teach you in the course or do for you in the program!

Also, this will give you amazing insight into potential competitors or partners you weren’t previously aware of, and might even give you valuable insights into version 2, 3, or 4 of your product! We’ve had clients completely change their business model as a result this module.


Compare Features

Gain confidence that your patent will be accepted by the patent office.

Learn how to prioritize and interpret the results from Module 2 in comparison with the articulation of your product from Module 1 to illuminate the risk of rejection by the patent office based on their criteria.

Without an understanding of the risk of rejection and without having confidence that your product will be accepted by the patent office once they review it, it doesn’t make sense to move forward with the next steps. This module gives you that confidence (ideally) or makes it clear that your product may Read More... not be patentable. If the latter, it’s still far, far better to discover this early.



Define Benefits

Be intentional about the goals for your patent and clear on the value that it will bring to your business.

Even if your product or technology is patentable, there may not be a benefit to filing or having a patent from a business perspective. In this module we explore all the different ways that a patent might bring value to your business, especially if you are still in the early stages of creating and growing your business.

Patent lawyers tend to focus primarily on the “benefit” of legally enforcing your patent against your competitors since that’s a large part of what they do, but this is very expensive and long term reason to consider, Read More... and one that doesn’t make nearly as much sense as it seems. Even if you are able to win such a lawsuit, what would your legal costs be?

Work through this module to learn the 7+ other ways that are even more valuable than this far sooner in the process, and that don’t require a hefty legal enforcement budget.


Evaluate Risks

Instead of worrying about the nebulous costs and risks, budget properly and take an objective, unemotional view of the investment.

Now that you understand the value a patent could bring to your business, how does that compare with the costs? Patents aren’t cheap, especially if maintained over the long term, so it is important to look into those costs now before you really commit to the process.

Many people realize that there is a hefty initial fee to file a patent, but they don’t always know that some of the fees in year 2, 3, 4, and beyond can be even more than this initial fee! It’s not something that most lawyers Read More... explain upfront. In fact, they usually wait till after the work is completed and just send a bill.

In this module we look at a few different approaches to filing, including which countries you might want protection in when it’s time, then build a budget for all these costs for the full lifetime of your patent so that you aren’t surprised.


Resolve Strategy

Be confident in your decision to file, why, and what the next steps are!

Bringing in the results from all of the first 5 modules we put everything together into the best possible strategy for moving YOUR business forward with the patent process.

By this module you should have an excellent answer to the question of whether or not your business should pursue patents and why. If it ends up that patents don’t make sense (or even if they do), you will learn all about other approaches and forms of protection including copyright, trademark, industrial design, and trade secrets and how these might augment your patents or provide protection instead of a patent.


*Only included in the full program.


Prepare Documents*

Prepare for the patent process by capturing and communicating your technology more effectively.

Now that it’s clear that you are moving forward with filing a patent, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and put some meat on the bones of your Articulate Product documentation from Module 1. Using our templates, training, and process for how to best put this together, you draft a detailed description of your technology, product, or invention.

Your efforts in modules 2 and 3 ensure you’re clear on what should be at the core of this description. The IP Link team will then carefully review your documentation and provide suggestions for further improvement.


Engage Lawyer*

Take charge, reduce your costs, and get a better patent by engaging with a great lawyer in the right way.

In this module, if you aren’t sure which lawyer to work with, we share our spreadsheet of highly recommended lawyers and their contact information. We’ve worked with these lawyers countless times and they have always provided a great service and patent draft to our clients.

Also, we provide a series of email templates that you can use to learn just enough legalease so that your lawyer recognizes how sophisticated you are with the patent process and all the preparation you’ve completed Read More... (especially the detailed description from Module 7). This typically has the effect of reducing your legal fees from the industry average of $10,000-$15,000 down to $6,000-$8,000!


Elevate Application*

Gain patent pending status and ensure you’re filing the best and most valuable patent you can with the least likelihood of rejection!

After engaging with your lawyer and once they send back the first draft of your patent, it is vital that we work through this with a fine toothed comb, especially the claims, to ensure that everything is as it should be before filing of your patent. To do this, we look back to Module 1 and your initial thoughts on what should be included in the patent. This application sets the stage for the next 5-20 years and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of investment (if it is maintained), that’s why it’s so important to get it right. Read More...

You use our 14 item checklist to ensure nothing is missed PLUS we will also review your draft to triple check it for you, and will recommend additional questions you should ask your lawyer before they file it ($750+ value)!

Once it’s ready, use our email templates to confirm that you accept the draft and to request that your lawyer file it so that you gain patent pending status!!

What is the investment?

So you're probably wondering, how much is your investment into this program? Well, right now you have a choice. You could try learning this by trial and error (like most people do) and spend $50,000 - $150,000 on a patent over the course of a few years but then end up getting rejected by the patent office. This would effectively give you the same result as the course - determining whether or not you business should pursue a patent - but would be at least 50 times more expensive and time consuming.

Alternatively just a patent search (which is only part of one of the 9 modules of our Program) if completed by a lawyer might cost between $1,000-$10,000. Even with such a large investment, you might not know how to interpret the results because most lawyers don't explain this very well. PLUS they won’t touch on the business strategy around patents at all and you still might be surprised by a rejection 3-4 years into the process. The investment into this course is less than what a typical lawyer will charge for just 2-4 hours of their time. Plus you likely won’t learn much about patents at all through these other options!

That said, you won't have to pay anywhere near $10,000 to $150,000 for your patent assessment, strategy, and preparation to get even better results through the Product Protection Playbook™ than you would with either of these options️. The standard investment for the 12 week program (including a full patent search and all our coaching and review) is just $4800 CAD and the 6 module course is just $1297 CAD.

The 6 module course is new, and we're working with our second cohort right now! To be notified of when we open up enrollments (in March), join the priority notification list here!

Product Protection Playbook™

6 Module Course

Determine whether your business should file a patent application or not.

12 Week Program

File a patent application that is less likely to be rejected and more likely to bring value to your business.

Articulate Product

Audit your tech and prioritize elements for protection ($300 Value)

Discover Patents

Learn how to search patents properly and thoroughly (could save you $50k).

Compare Features

Interpret the results and how they might increase your risk ($300 Value).

Define Benefits

Explore the value a patent could bring to your business ($300 Value).

Evaluate Risks

Understand the costs and risks of patents ($300 Value).

Resolve Strategy

Gain confidence in your decision to file, why, and next steps ($300 Value).

Prepare Documents

Capture and communicate your technology effectively ($300 Value).

Engage Lawyer

Take charge, reduce the cost, and get a better patent (Priceless).

Elevate Application

Triple check and further elevate your patent draft before filing ($300 Value).

Coaching Calls, Personalized Review, 1:1 Support

Ask all your questions and get help ($2500 + $2000 + $1500 value).

Extensive International Patent Search

Uncover hidden competitors and tech ($3000 value)


Still have questions before enrolling? Contact our CEO directly at or click here to hop on a call.



Patent Value Calculator Icon

Patent Value Calculator - Five ways to extract value from your patent application without having to enforce it ($297 Value).

Lifetime Cost Calculator Icon

Lifetime Cost Calculator - Experiment with various approaches and examine when each of the costs arise and the investment required ($297 Value).

Team Member Access Icon

Team Member Access - Access to the training videos, worksheets, and other elements for up to 3 team members including you ($1994 Value).

Coaching Calls

Coaching Calls - Ask all your questions and get help through six coaching calls over Zoom when enrolling in the full program ($1500 Value).

Let Us Reduce Your Risk

We are committed to providing amazing training that makes a huge impact on your understanding of intellectual property and patents. As such, rather than just one, we provide 3 guarantees.

Money Back Icon

Full 60 Day Worry-Free Course Refund!

For the course - if you aren’t completely clear on whether or not your business should move forward with filing a patent and what your next steps should be after working through the training, we will give you a full refund!

Money Back Icon

Full/Partial Program Refund!

If for any reason you don’t like the work we’re doing or decide it’s not for you we will also refund the full cost of the program up until we start the patent search for you. The search takes a fair bit of our team’s time and effort, but even after that we will certainly reimburse any portion of the program that we haven’t delivered on yet.

Reduced Legal Costs Guarantee!

Also after working through the full program, if you don’t get a quote for an initial patent filing from a great lawyer below $8k, I will personally call a few of the best lawyers I know and make sure you save that additional $2000-$7000. This savings will likely cover the entire cost of the program!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, software IS patentable!! There’s an odd but common misconception that software just isn’t patentable. Not all software is patentable, but much of it is. It all depends how new and innovative your software solution is.

I’ve written more about this here, so if you’re wondering about your software, read this first, then join the course to confirm it for your specific tech!

To get a bit more specific with the question, do you need to wait until your product is fully developed or ready to ship? Or until you have investment, until you have a team, until you finish that one last project you’ve got to do before you finally make your intellectual property a priority?

No, you really shouldn’t wait on this. The longer you wait, the tougher it will be to get the right patent application.

Unfortunately, the way the patent rules are set up in most countries, if you want to file a patent you need to do it before any public disclosure of your idea. This happens pretty early in the life of most technology startups (especially given investment pitches and any conversations that aren’t covered by a confidentiality agreement), so to be completely honest, considering patents is one of the first things you should do. Remember, we’re not applying yet (that comes in the last module of the program, Module 9), we’re just starting the prep work.

Research shows that having one or more patents increases the amount of investment you are likely to receive, and improves your chances of getting investment. So it’s far better to have your patent first before pursuing a significant investment round.

Also, while working through the first phase of the program, we’ve had many clients uncover patents that led them to pivot or improve their technology. You definitely want to do this to ensure you’ve got the best product on the market and the best chance at receiving an issued patent down the line.

Even before getting your patent, you will need to understand your patent opportunity, which is exactly what the Product Protection Playbook™ Course helps you do. So if you’re worried you’re too early, start with the course. Modules 5 and 6 are specifically set up to help you nail down the perfect timing for submitting your initial application!

You will make significant progress through the course with just 1-3 hours per week. A few modules, such as Module 2, are a bit more involved if you’re working through the course, but the majority should only take a couple hours.

Also, as one of our bonuses, we include access to up to three members of your team, yourself and two others! So, these 1-3 hours don’t need to be entirely up to you. We have set up checklists for every module that can easily be used to help you delegate who on your team is responsible for each step in the course.

If you’re really strapped for time, why not opt for the full program? If you do, The IP Link team will provide 1:1 support, review, and coaching to make each step even quicker and easier, plus WE will complete the patent search for you in Module 2, giving you even more confidence while saving you time on the most time intensive module.

Patents are one of those things in your business that are expensive enough and require enough time investment that if you get them wrong, you could really damage the credibility and viability of your business, especially in the long term. Given this, you should really not leave it all up to ANY single person, especially a lawyer (who might tend to be more legally focused than you would like).

Patents are business tools that should bring strategic value to a business. They are unique documents that require a deep technical knowledge and need to be written in the proper legal format (meeting all the legal requirements). The lawyer should (hopefully, but not always) be able to handle the legal side, but who will ensure the technical elements and business strategy are taken care of properly? Also, the technology and business strategy need to come before the legal because they inform how to move forward and how to structure the patent, hence why it doesn’t really make sense to go to a lawyer first.

Patents are complicated, but you don’t need to understand every legal detail about how patents work, only certain key steps of the process. That’s why we’ve created a series of training videos throughout the Product Protection Playbook™ to educate you on exactly what you need to know to make the right IP decisions for your business and technology. Although it is one of my second languages, I don’t speak legalease in these videos.

If, after working through the videos, you’re still really worried about it, you are always welcome to upgrade to the full program, where we will be there every step of the way with you through weekly coaching calls, email and recorded video support, and a close review of all your work. Or just opt for the full program at the start to get all the help and hand-holding you need!

Patents are expensive, and to make matters worse, it can be quite difficult to determine all the costs up front. This is exactly why we’ve included our two calculators as part of the Product Protection Playbook: the Patent Value Calculator and the Patent Lifetime Cost Calculator. These calculators well help you understand exactly what the full costs of the patent process are and estimate the total value they will bring to your business.

The fact that patents are expensive is one of the primary reasons why we’ve created our programs, to ensure you are making the most out of your investment BEFORE investing the bulk of the costs. Think of it this way, would you rather discover whether or not patents are viable for your business upfront through a $998 course or a $3900 program or by blundering through the 3-4 year process with a lawyer at a cost of $50,000 - $150,000? You might prefer to learn these lessons the quick and easy way, rather than the multi-year, six figure, trial and error approach.

Unfortunately, funding a patent is a bit of a chicken and egg type issue. You obviously need some funding to get the patent, but in many cases you need a patent to improve your chances of getting the funding. Even if you don’t need the patent to get funding, if you’re planning on filing a patent eventually, it would be in your best interest to do it before a significant funding round and especially before releasing your technology or sharing how it works publicly. The patent will improve your credibility, your valuation, and your negotiation position when putting the investment deal in place.

If possible, it’s great to use your own funds for the initial patent costs or even a close-knit (confidential) friends and family round. If you can’t wrangle up enough to cover an initial application, I would suggest joining the course or program now and then contacting me to talk about pursuing a grant to cover your lawyers fees!

Still have questions before enrolling? Contact our CEO directly at or click here to hop on a call